Monday, April 4, 2022

12:00 pm
2:00 pm
Seaport Ballroom A-E, Level 2
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StageX: Monday Lunch


Steve Youngwood (CEO, Sesame Workshop)

Join Steve Youngwood, CEO of Sesame Workshop on Stage X

John Doerr (Chairman, Kleiner Perkins and Author of Speed and Scale)
Moderator - Ryan Panchadsaram (Advisor to the Chairman, Kleiner Perkins)

Speed & Scale: Moving Leaders to Act on the Climate Crisis

John Doerr and Ryan Panchadsaram discuss their new book, Speed& Scale: An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis now, focusing on the actions we can take to decarbonize our world and save a habitable planet. John shares how and why OKRs—the revolutionary goal-setting system that propelledGoogle, The Gates Foundation, and Bono's ONE to success— should be applied to tackling the most audacious challenge of all: averting catastrophic climate change.

Jim Andrew (Chief Sustainability Officer, PepsiCo)
Moderator - Leighanne Levensaler (Member, Board of Directors, Guild Education)

Driving sustainability to scale, internally and externally—the view from a Fortune 50 Food & Beverage company with Jim Andrew, PepsiCo’s Chief Sustainability Officer

As Chief Sustainability Officer of one of the world’s leading food & beverage companies, one of my responsibilities is to deeply embed our aggressive transformation agenda – what we call PepsiCoPositive — into all aspects of the organization. To reach our ambitious goals by 2030, we need to not only transform the way our business operates, but also how our almost 300,000 associates make decisions and take action, no matter their level or role in the company. But that alone is not enough. We also need effective partnerships across our value chain, and with peers, policymakers, NGOs and innovators – all the way to our brands that touch consumers one billion times each day through our food and beverage products. Join us as we discuss how to transform a Fortune 50’s mindset and actions to scale and accelerate positive impact for our planet, people, and communities.

Emma Bloomberg (Founder and CEO, Murmuration)
Moderator - Marcus Brauchli (Managing Partner, North Base Media)

Fireside Chat: Emma Bloomberg and Marcus Brauchli

The issue of education is front and center in today's politics, and the stakes for the upcoming election cycle are higher than ever. What do we know, and what do we still need to know, to prepare for the 2022 cycle

Nirmit Parikh (Founder & CEO,, Chandra Pemmasani (Founder & CEO, UWorld, LLC), Martin Basiri (Co-founder& CEO, ApplyBoard), Jamie Candee (CEO, Edmentum)
Moderator - Jenny Anderson (Host, Learnit)

Unicorn Panel

We’re entering the post Covid —or to borrow Michael Moe’s phraseology, “after disease” —world for EdTech. Our panel of unicorns will discuss how they plan to continue scaling growth and innovation. Are we firmly in a new digital age? And if so, is it delivering on its promise to broaden access or rather is it further widening societal divides?

Nuseir Yassin (Founder and CEO, Nas Academy and Nas Daily)

Join Nuseir Yassin, Founder and CEO of Nas Academy on Stage X