February 12-14, 2024
The Oberoi Hotel in Gurgaon, India
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Powering Global Growth Through Learning & Skills

For much of the past 500 years, the message for the brilliant and ambitious was “Go West, young man.” Demographics, economics, and geography will do a 180 on that, with the message for the next 500 years being “Go East.”

Why? Gravity.

India, Middle East/North Africa, and Southeast Asia have over 700 million people under the age of 15. Nearly 500 million people are projected to newly join the middle class in India in the next 10 years alone. The Singaporean model of prioritizing education above all else as the way to advance individuals and society is a contagion in the neighborhood. Accordingly, there isn’t a more important place on the planet to plant the education flag than Gurgaon, India, which is no more than a five-hour flight from all the above.

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Programming Highlights

Our program will include provocative conversations on topics that include:

  • EdTech Startup Showcase
  • AI is Rising— The AIR Show! AI Revolution, AI is AIR
  • AI in K-12, Higher Ed, and Workforce Skilling
  • The Role of the India EdTech Consortium
  • Online Higher Education Driving Outcomes at Scale
  • The Rapid Rise of Transformative Higher Education Institutions
  • EdTech as a Critical Export of the East
  • Government Policy for Good
  • How to Enter the India, SEA, and MENA Markets
  • Growing Private School Networks Driving High ROE
  • Degrees vs. Jobs— Are Degrees Required Anymore?
  • The Mergers & Acquisition Market for Education
  • The Push to Hybrid Learning
  • The Power of the Academic Coaching Market
  • Early Childhood is the World’s Best Investment
  • Empowering Students to Lead
  • The Sun Rises on Indian IPOs: Is the India IPO Market Ready for an Ed Innovation Onslaught?
  • Leading Not For Profits Driving Transformation At Scale

2024 Speakers Include

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