Google GSV Education Innovation Fellowship

GSV is joining forces with Google for Education for the second year of our Google GSV Education Innovation Fellowship. The Fellowship champions K-12 superintendents and top-level instructional leaders dedicated to using technology as a lever for innovation and impact. These leaders who are working at the intersection of technology and instruction to inform the future of education will tackle critical systems-level instructional opportunities through collaborative problem-solving, mentorship and professional development, insight sharing, and more – empowering the cohort to develop strategies that prepare students and educators for the future.

By bringing together the most innovative and forward-thinking instructional leaders in K-12 education, we will create a powerful network of change agents working in partnership to influence the EdTech landscape and, most importantly, drive toward rigorous outcomes for our students.

Introducing the 2024-2025 Fellows


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Application Process: Frequently Asked Questions

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Meet the 2023-2024 Fellows

The Google GSV Education Innovation Fellowship is also proud to celebrate the imaginative and forward-thinking leaders in K-12 education selected for the 2023-2024 program. This inaugural cohort of fellows features exceptional instructional leaders dedicated to leveraging technology to transform education.

Meet the Team

"We are immensely proud to convene this remarkable group of fellows who have the power to change the conversation and bridge the gap between the use of technology and its instructional impact. This exciting partnership between GSV and Google for Education is a testament to our shared commitment to transforming education, empowering leaders to create meaningful change, and shape a future in which ALL people have equal access to the future."
Tiffany Taylor, Partner, Chief People & Impact Officer, GSV