Monday, April 15, 2024

2:10 pm
2:50 pm
Torrey Hills A/B, Level 3
Alternative Pathways
Higher Education
Workforce Learning

Addressing Critical Workforce Shortages Through Innovative Delivery Models

Confronting the workforce shortage crisis head-on, this panel tackles the urgent need for more nurses, teachers, and skilled professionals. Panelists will delve into trailblazing strategies like competency-based learning, apprenticeships, stackable credentials, and project-based career exploration that provide flexible, pragmatic education while facilitating immediate workforce entry. Hear from pioneers who are bridging the talent gap, fostering retention through meaningful earn-to-work opportunities, and empowering individuals with real-world skills. Join us for a vital discussion on reengineering the talent pipeline to ensure a robust, responsive, and well-prepared workforce in critical industries.