Kaya Henderson

Kaya Henderson



Kaya Henderson is the CEO of Reconstruction, a technology company delivering a K-12 supplemental curriculum that situates Black people, culture, and contributions in an authentic, identity-affirming way.

Kaya served as Chancellor of DC Public Schools from 2010-2016. Her tenure was marked by consecutive years of enrollment growth, an increase in graduation rates, improvements in student satisfaction and teacher retention, increases in AP participation and pass rates, and the greatest growth of any urban district on the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) over multiple years.

Kaya began as a middle school Spanish teacher in the South Bronx. She went on to work as a recruiter, national admissions director, and DC Executive Director for TFA. Henderson then served as the VP of Strategic Partnerships at TNTP and began her tenure at DCPS as Deputy Chancellor in 2007. She most recently led the Global Learning Lab for Community Impact at Teach For All.

Kaya graduated from Mt. Vernon Public Schools. She received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and her MA in Leadership from Georgetown, as well as honorary doctoral degrees from Georgetown and Trinity.

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