Stage X Opening Keynote: Bending the Arc of Youth Potential: Is K-12 Education at a Crossroads?

Bending the Arc of Youth Potential: Is K-12 Education at a Crossroads?  Moderator: Darienne Driver Hudson, President & CEO, United Way for Southeastern Michigan

Moderator: Darienne Hudson


Pedro Martinez, Superintendent of Schools, San Antonio ISD

Constance Jones, CEO, Noble Schools

Phyllis Lockett, CEO, LEAP Innovations

Kaya Henderson, Global Learning Lab, Teach for All

K-12 education is at a crossroads like never before. The disruption that the pandemic has caused to our antiquated education model has forced a reshaping of education in our country. No matter what role you play in the ecosystem, we have all witnessed the inequities and limitations of our existing learning model. The future path we choose to create post-COVID-19 will define K-12 learning for future generations. We have two choices: create a more equitable, personalized, digitally advanced learning system or resort back to our model of old. What will we choose?

Join this panel to hear perspectives on:

- Implications for school leaders and the decisive leadership required in times of crises

- What COVID-19 is teaching us about the limits of our K-12 education system

- How we reimagine the traditional construct of “school” to meet the needs of all learners equitably

- How we shift policy and leverage innovation to address inequities across the entire education system