Emma Dorn

Senior Knowledge Expert

McKinsey and Company

Emma Dorn is an Associate Partner and Senior Education Knowledge Expert at McKinsey & Company. She supports education donors, foundations, systems, and institutions to improve education outcomes and equity for all students, with a focus on post -COVID-19 learning recovery, student mental health, and harnessing technology for student learning. Emma leads knowledge development and dissemination for McKinsey’s education work around the globe, including McKinsey's knowledge partnership with UNESCO to develop toolkits for countries to plan and execute their education response to the COVID-19 pandemic. She has authored several education articles and reports, including a global analysis of OECD PISA data to identify drivers of student outcomes, a series of charticles on trends in higher education, and an analysis of the learning and economic impact of the pandemic. She has three children, two of whom still attend US public schools.