Learning Loss - Accelerating Learning Recovery

Sari Factor (Weld North Education), Emma Dorn (McKinsey & Company), Alexandra Clarke (Amplify), and Maurice Bakley (Education Week) explore Learning Loss - Accelerating Learning Recovery at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.Join this panel as experts discuss how to bridge gaps in content knowledge while capitalizing on students’ incredible learning growth in other areas. How best to tap into the amazing resilience and flexibility of students who adapted to such a seismic shift in education delivery and setting? Ownership, initiative, self-advocacy, and more are skills students have developed. How can educators identify the additional exciting and perhaps un-identified skills that students have exercised during the pandemic—that may make in-person classroom learning and content knowledge catch-up more fruitful? In addressing content knowledge gaps, how can schools call upon teachers and even students and parents themselves to leverage prior knowledge and drive recovery?

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