Can Affordable Private School Models be Scalable Forces for Change

Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya President & CEO Ujjwal Singh,  NewGlobe Schools Sr. Advisor Steve Cantrell, Mattilda Chief Growth Officer Adrián Garza, Vinco CEO & Co-Founder Lissy Giacomán Colyer, HORN-ED LLC Author HORN-ED LLC Michael Horn, and McKinsey and Company Senior Knowledge Expert Emma Dorn discuss if affordable private school models can be scalable forces for change in a brave new world at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

After the pandemic, many schools lost students, couldn't pay teachers, and some went out of business. Some, however, not only survived but thrived. Here we explore and extract the lessons and new business models for the sector and how to apply them: from all-online global schools to scaffolding teacher models in India to providing back-end services to government schools in Nigeria. What can we learn, and is there a viable model in the US? Can they be better than charters?