Patrick Malley

Patrick Malley

Chief Academic Officer, Bay City Public Schools

Patrick Malley is a district administrator known for his dedication to fostering community-aligned education and promoting innovation within the school system. His journey from being the first in his family to graduate college to pursuing a Ph.D. at Western Michigan University is a testament to his deep-rooted commitment to education. This commitment began at Delta College and extended through his Bachelor's degree in History from Michigan State University and his Master's in Educational Leadership from Ball State University.

His career in education is marked by transformative leadership and an unwavering commitment to aligning schools with the needs of their communities. His innovative efforts took root in smaller school districts like Niles and Meridian, where he pioneered project-based learning and skills-based instruction, leading to significant strides in academic achievement.

As the Chief Academic Officer for Bay City Public Schools, Patrick has blended his drive for educational equity with a passion for technological integration. Under his leadership, the district has transitioned to 1-to-1 computing, guaranteeing that every student and teacher can access a mobile computing device. Guided by his belief that technology serves to enhance rather than replace teaching and learning, Patrick has ushered in an era of modernization without losing sight of pedagogical values.

In line with his mission, Patrick has also spearheaded the redesign of two significant schools within the district, Handy Middle School and Central High School, both of which serve the same urban community. Prioritizing nurturing environments and project-based learning, he has fostered innovation tailored to the needs of each school. Notably, Central High School has transformed into an Early Middle College, allowing students to earn up to an Associate's degree before high school graduation. These community-informed changes further demonstrate Patrick's dedication to aligning education with the evolving needs of students while upholding educational equity.

Recognizing the significant role of leadership and community involvement in fostering academic achievement, Patrick is dedicated to exploring novel teaching techniques and streamlining procedures to create an efficient and productive learning environment that benefits educators and students.

At the heart of Patrick's mission is his ongoing pursuit of solutions to equity issues, firmly believing that improving instruction is key to addressing these challenges. His career is a testament to the transformative power of education and its potential to shape lives and communities.