Steve Ritter

Steve Ritter

Founder and Chief Scientist

Carnegie Learning

Steve Ritter is Founder and Chief Scientist at Carnegie Learning. Dr. Ritter earned a doctorate in cognitive psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and was instrumental in the development and evaluation of the Cognitive Tutors for mathematics. He led the transfer of the Cognitive Tutor technology to Carnegie Learning, where it forms the basis of the company’s MATHia intelligent tutoring system. Dr. Ritter is the author of numerous papers on the design, architecture and evaluation of adaptive instructional systems and is recognized as an expert on the design and evaluation of educational technology and on educational analytics. He is lead author of an evaluation that is one of the few to be judged by the US Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse as meeting their standards without reservations. He has received several awards, including the Best Paper award at the International Conference on Educational Data Mining. At Carnegie Learning, Dr. Ritter leads a research team devoted to using learning engineering to improve the efficacy of the company’s products.

Monday, August 9, 2021

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