How to Design Learner-Centered Mastery Assessments

Achievement Network CEO Michelle Odemwingie, Carnegie Learning Founder & Chief Scientist Steve Ritter, Sesame Workshop VP & Education Publisher Akimi Gibson, KnowledgeWorks Vice President of Policy and Advocacy Lillian Pace, and Walton Family Foundation Senior Program Officer Edward Hui discuss how to design learner centered mastery assessments at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

People closest to students, such as teachers and parents, have long been advocating for greater personalization in classrooms.  However, schools have been slow to change and meet this demand. One reason is that assessments continue to limit innovation because they are standardized by design – a single bar or set of expectations for every child within a grade, across a district, state or in some cases across states.  Some states, districts, vendors and researchers are attempting to change this through policy changes and assessment designs that allow for more reliable and systemic use of alternative ways of capturing student learning; such as the use of competency-based assessments, portfolios and capstones, and applications of advanced computing methods to increase personalization. Join us to learn from experts who are implementing these innovative approaches across all levels of the education system (classroom to state).