Priya Krishnan

Chief Digital and Transformation Officer

Bright Horizons

Priya Krishnan, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer at Bright Horizons has a storied background as an entrepreneur who founded India’s leading child care and schooling service provider with more than 150 company-owned, company-operated centers across the country.At Bright Horizons, she leads all client relationships for the US, International M&A, and innovation projects. Priya joined the Bright Horizons family after founding and running KLAY, a high quality childcare organization, which has grown to become India’s largest child care. She initially started the business with the intent of enabling women to return to work after childbirth. She won numerous entrepreneurship recognition awards, as her startup venture expanded to 180 company-owned, company-operated centers across the country, staffed with empowered employees taking care of more than 16,000 children. Priya’s company went on to provide high-quality child care services onsite, and worked with varying workplace models to help companies create solutions for their employees.She also founded a not for profit school for marginalized children which has been recognized worldwide for its pedagogy and approach to blended learning.Prior to her entrepreneurial stint, Priya had a global career in IT consulting across Singapore, New York, and London, working with companies including Accenture, PwC, Mphasis, EDS, and HP.Priya holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and has an MBA from London Business