BC To AD Caregiving At The Center of the Conversation

Priya Krishnan (Bright Horizons), Tim Allen (Care.com), and Joseph Fuller discuss B.C. To A.D. Caregiving At The Center of the Conversation at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.This panel promises to address one of the most urgent areas of our civic life today: caregiving. The pandemic exposed glaring gaps in childcare and family care systems across the US and the world. Courtenay Brown writes in Axios Closer that it is now even harder for families to meet the expenses of high-quality, safe, and reliable child care. How can the US respond to caregiving needs during global health crises with greater agility? How will technology leaders help to reimagine caregiving to address hybrid and online modalities and increase scale? Most of all, how might tech leaders partner with care companies and public and private agencies to meet the mandate of social and structural change to ensure that our children and families thrive?

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