Pierre Dubuc

Cofounder & CEO


Pierre Dubuc is the co-founder and CEO of OpenClassrooms, one of the largest global education-to-employment platform providers, with 355,000 students across 140 countries, thousands of full-time diploma students, and hundreds of corporate customers. OpenClassrooms is a private, B-Corp-certified distance-learning organization registered with the Board of Education in Paris, France, accredited as a higher education institution by the French state. Pierre met Mathieu Nebra, the co-founder of the company, in 2001; both were teenagers then, curious about coding and computers. In 2013, after years of promoting online education and several pivots, they created OpenClassrooms, headquartered in Paris, France. They later founded OpenClassrooms Inc, a registered apprenticeship provider approved by the US DOL and a postsecondary educational institution. OpenClassrooms is making education accessible to all by delivering fully online work-based learning programs and internationally recognized degrees. With a unique approach based on mastery learning, hands-on projects, and individualized mentoring, the platform promotes employability for all, specifically in today’s and tomorrow’s most sought-after jobs and competencies, like tech, data, IT, business, etc. Among numerous other distinctions, Pierre Dubuc was featured among the “30 under 30” by Forbes magazine and selected in the 2020 Young Leaders program of the French-American Foundation.