Moving Beyond MOOCs: The Future of Corporate Learning Technology

Darren Shimkus (Modal), Ardine Williams (Amazon), Pierre Dubuc (OpenClassrooms), TJ Williams (Degreed), and Saurabh Sanghvi (McKinsey and Company) explore Moving Beyond MOOCs: The Future of Corporate Learning Technology at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.Saurabh Sanghvi of McKinsey moderates this panel examining cutting edge systems in workforce development growth as well as digital strategy. With attention to accessibility and equity, how can technology better serve our workforce, preparing individuals to meet the skill requirements of our post-pandemic world? Hear from Pierre Dubuc of OpenClassrooms, which vigorously reinvents the way people learn and pursue their careers worldwide; TJ Williams shares Degreed’s insights and tools for helping align employees’ skills with company mission and goals; Ardine Williams of Amazon brings her exciting experiences talking to a range of stakeholders from Higher Ed to K-12 about how to increase students’ tech qualifications and soft skills that the workforce of today calls for; finally, Darren Shimkus of Modal shares how learning strategies drive business performance. The conversation is sure to take audiences to uncharted paths of corporate learning technology.

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