Peter Callstrom

Peter Callstrom

President & CEO

San Diego Workforce Partnership

Peter has led nonprofits for 30+ years. He joined the SDWP as CEO in 2012. Peter and his team have transformed the SDWP and reimagined workforce development delivery. They have built a very diverse budget (public, private and philanthropy), and deliver programs to empower job seekers of all ages. They manage a countywide network of full-service career centers. With an emphasis on underserved populations, but available to all job seekers, the SDWP and its partners reach tens of thousands annually. The SDWP created the only workforce Income Share Agreement (ISA) fund, an innovative student financing model to access post-secondary skills - students pay back to the fund, creating an ‘evergreen’ fund that empowers future participants. The SDWP utilizes in-depth labor market research and created content for K-14 students and ‘MyNextMove’ – an online experience to inform and inspire students, teachers and job seekers and the ‘Launch Pad’ with the Cajon Valley School District – an innovative in-person experience integrating career exploration with academics. Other projects: TechHire, Cybersecurity training, Construction Careers, Connect2Careers – youth employment, Reentry for justice-involved, and much more. Recipient of the “WIOA Trailblazer” (of 550 workforce boards) and USD’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ award for excellent governance, the SDWP is a nationally recognized leader. Peter was named “nonprofit CEO of year” by the San Diego Business Journal and an Aspen Job Quality Fellow.

Monday, April 4, 2022

3:50 pm
4:30 pm

On the (L)edge: Policy, Regulation & the Changing Electorate

Harbor C, Level 2

Ensuring $1T turns into jobs and inclusive growth