Talent Readiness: Urban Innovation from Leading International Cities

By the year 2030, 70% of the world's citizens will live in or near cities.  The Global Parliament of Mayors has adopted a new initiative, GPM Talent CitiesTM, aimed at enhancing mayoral ability to ensure talent readiness. Braga, the third largest city in Portugal, has just announced that it will be the world's first smart talent city and the hub of a new international talent ecosystem.

In this session, Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga and Executive Committee member of the Global Parliament of Mayors, is joined by national leaders, mayors and international experts from around the world sharing their views on creating smarter talent. Please join us to hear from urban leaders of Braga, San Diego, Masdar City, and the Deputy Minister of Urban Affairs for Afghanistan, Roshaan Wolusmal.

Moderator: Gerri Burton

Panelists: Ricardo Rio, Roshaan Wolusmal, Peter Callstrom, Steve Severance