Muhsinah Morris

Metaversity Director, Assistant Professor

Morehouse College

Meet the first ever Metaversity Director, Dr. Muhsinah Lateefah Morris. A BS graduate of the HBCU CAU. She obtained an MS & PhD from the Harvard of the South, Emory University in Biomolecular Chemistry. Dr. Morris has been part of and leading Morehouse’s Metaversity project since the Spring of 2021. She’s won awards for Teaching Excellence, Best Emerging Technology and Innovation, and First Place Unconventional Innovation in Industry. She resides in McDonough GA with her husband and five sons. One of her sons has autism and she advocates for the entire autism community. She’s a VR pioneer in education and is transforming learning globally. She is affectionately known as Dr. M.O.M. (Molder of Minds) by all her students. She continues to mold the minds of educators and students globally in the Metaverse. Her future is authentic transformation of the educational system for our future leaders using immersive technologies in the Metaverse. More recently, she founded Metaverse United, LLC where she helps people find where they belong in the embodiment of the internet called the Metaverse. Learn more at UnitetheMetaverse.