Bringing the Metaverse to Higher Education

Morehouse College Metaversity Director, Assistant Professor Muhsinah Morris, Th3 Third Door Founder Monica Arés, Dreamscape Learn CEO Josh Reibel, Cengage Group CTO Jim Chilton, Jobs for the Future Executive Director Kristina Francis, and McKinsey & Company Associate Partner Rachel Forman discuss bringing the Metaverse to Higher Education at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

The panel will explore the ways in which virtual worlds and immersive technologies can be used to enhance outcomes and research in higher education. The panel would likely include experts in virtual reality, game design, and education technology, who will share their insights and experiences in creating and using metaverse platforms in higher education. The discussion would also touch on the potential benefits and challenges of using metaverse in higher education and how it could shape the future of teaching and learning.