Katie Boody Adorno

Founder & CEO

LEANLAB Education

A native of Kansas City and the daughter of two community organizers, Katie Boody Adorno has worked in public education in KCMO since 2008. Seemingly always involved in the "startup" phase of organizations, Katie was a charter corps member of Teach For America Kansas City, a founding member of C.A. Franklin's middle school team in Kansas City Public Schools, a founding teacher at Alta Vista Charter Middle School School, and eventually, a founder of LEANLAB.

Katie taught middle school math for five years and later worked as an instructional coach. She holds a B.A. in English Literature with an emphasis in dance, an M.Ed. in Middle School Education, and an Ed.S. in Education Leadership.  She is the first non profit leader in Kansas City to attain multi-year funding commitments from both the Bill.& Melinda Gates Foundation and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Katie is interested in exploring the unique intersections of urban education, creativity, community building, entrepreneurship, and the hospitality of Kansas City.

Katie has been recognized as a 2017 NextGen Leader, Techweek 100 (2015 & 2017), Leadership for Educational Equity Public Leadership Fellow, and Surge Academy leader of color.