The GameChangers - How a New Wave of Executives of Color are providing a SURGE in Innovation with Authenticity and Excellence

COVID-19 and the wave of racial injustice over the past six months have illuminated and exacerbated many of the devastating disparities our country's most vulnerable young people and communities face. This, unfortunately, is not news to the black and brown leaders closest to these communities as they, through it all, serve their people with courage, innovation, and LOVE. It raises the question: How are they reimagining the future of work, education, and equality for all? This panel will explore how these rising agents of change are putting humanity and understanding first and modeling innovation done with communities rather than done to communities.

Moderator: Carmita Semaan

Panelists:  Candace Moore, Katie Boody, Melissa Connelly, Randal Seriguchi Jr.