Kara May

Founding Director, Art in Motion High School

Distintive Schools

Kara Bickhem May is an educator with over twenty years experience, and a deep passion for the hearts and development of young people. She knew from her youth that she would be an educator, and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in French and a dual minor in Music and English as well as a Masters of Arts in Education with an English and French concentration, from Truman State University in Kirksville, MO. She earned a second Masters in Educational Leadership from Governors State University in University Park, IL.

Over the last four years, Kara has invested in providing unparalleled opportunities for middle and high school students through her work as Director of Art In Motion (AIM), a creative arts charter school on the South Side of Chicago. Kara is passionate about art and education, and pairs the two to create a unique learning environment for students at AIM. Her leadership is compelling; she believes in the importance of Community, Creativity, Love, and Excellence, and strives to embed each element in all aspects of her work at AIM.

It is immensely important to Kara that children recognize their potential and are empowered to achieve it. Her leadership encourages her students and staff to grow as individuals, diving deeper into their sense of self, and bringing their whole ‘self’ to their work every day. Kara is a compassionate leader, and strives to make every decision with equity in mind, and provides opportunities for students to see beyond their classroom walls. She believes in creating the future her students want and deserve, and works every day to lead, grow, build, create, and dream with her students and staff. Art In Motion is not simply a school, by design it is a welcoming and joyful community of artists, educators, and leaders.