Joseph Fuller

Professor of Management Practice

Harvard Business School

Joseph Fuller is a Professor of Management Practice at the Harvard Business School, the co-director of the school’s long-term project, Managing the Future of Work, and co-heads the university-wide Project on the Workforce. He is a Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Prior to joining Harvard’s faculty, he was a founder and the long-time CEO of Monitor, now Monitor-Deloitte, the global consultancy. He studies issues related to employment and income polarization and the relationship between talent, corporate strategy and economic competitiveness. His research spans the many issues that will shape the future of work, including the emerging gig economy, the misalignment of the education sector and employers, and how corporate human resource and operating policies inadvertently undermine their companies’ ability to achieve their goals. His research on the workings of the “care economy” in the United States focuses on the impact that episodic and predictable care giving obligations have on workers, their career paths and the implications for employers. His current research focuses on how employer practices unintentionally marginalizes various groups of workers, including caregivers, and how emerging employment models, like the gig economy, are creating new outlets for workers historically unable to meet the traditional criteria imposed on full-time workers by employers. He is also leads an extensive research project on the evolution of the C-Suite in global companies. Professor Fuller’s work is available at