Jamie Candee



Jamie Candee leads Edmentum’s strategic vision and long-term growth as President, CEO and Board Director. Since 2017, Jamie has continuously focused on putting educators at the forefront of Edmentum programs and services, all of which are designed to improve student outcomes.In April 2022, Jamie was honored at ASU+GSV with a 2022 Power of Women Award, which recognizes influential female leaders bringing about a world that provides equal access to the future through the promise of education.In 2021, Jamie led Edmentum through the successful acquisition of Apex Learning, a Seattle-based industry leader in 6–12 digital curriculum, marking significant investment in Edmentum’s future. She also was named an Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Heartland Award winner for her outstanding entrepreneurial accomplishments and contributions to her community.In all her work, Jamie continues to live by the credo of doing well by doing good. She founded Edmentum’s We Can Learn foundation in 2017