Has EdTech Really Changed Anything? Can EdTech Drive Results in a Brave New World?

Amira Learning CEO & Co-Founder Mark Angel, Southern New Hampshire University President Paul Leblanc, Edmentum President & CEO Jamie Candee, Rochester Public Schools Superintendent of Schools Kent Pekel, Tyton Partner Managing Director Kristen Fox, and McKinsey & Company Partner Jake Bryant at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Has EdTech lived up to its promise? Over 10 years into the scaled delivery of digital education, what have we gotten? $20B have been invested in educational technology solutions, results are down in aggregate, and some parents & families are opting for ‘screen free’. Why hasn't EdTech been a bigger contributor to driving improved outcomes? What has to change to make it more effective? This panel of leaders and innovators will share what we need to do as investors, developers and users to change the future of what effective EdTech in 2030 will look like.