Felix Ohswald


GoStudent GmbH

Felix Ohswald is the Co-Founder and CEO of GoStudent, the Vienna-headquartered digital learning platform providing tailored, high quality video-based tuition to primary, secondary and college-aged students. To date, GoStudent has raised more than +€590m and is the highest valued K12 Ed-Tech company in Europe.What started as a homework help chat on Whatsapp in 2016 is becoming one of the world's leading platforms in digital education. By providing 1:1 online tutoring and pairing students with the best teacher for them, regardless of geographical location, GoStudent is revolutionizing the international tutoring market, and aims to build thenumber 1 global school. Felix was able to draw on his wealth of academic experience when developing the company with his friendGregor Müller, GoStudent’s Co-Founder and COO. Prior to co-founding GoStudent, he studied at a number of prestigious universities. At the age of 14, Felix embarked upon a Mathematics degree at the University of Vienna. This was undertaken whilst Felixcontinued with his wider school studies. Felix then went on to complete a further degree in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, graduating in 2014.