Felix Ohswald

Felix Ohswald

CEO & Co-Founder


Felix Ohswald founded the Vienna-based digital learning platform GoStudent in 2016. Inspired by his grandfather, who would always show him how everyday challenges can be solved by applying maths, he began studying mathematics at the University of Vienna at the age of 14 and graduated even before he had finished high school. He then went on to study at the renowned University of Cambridge and the ETH Zurich. During this time, he started GoStudent as a homework chat motivated to solve the fundamental, global problem of access to top teachers. While collecting professional experience at highly renowned companies like the "Boston Consulting Group", GoStudent took off and he decided to fully dedicate his energy to building up an education start-up with the mission to revolutionize the world of tutoring and to build the no. 1 global school.

Felix believes that access to quality education is a human right and that all children should be able to receive inspiring, sustainable, and affordable one-on-one online tutoring from top teachers based on personality, interests, and hobbies, using the “perfect-match-principle” between tutors and students.
On the way to revolutionize education, how we have known it for hundreds of years, Felix embraces technical innovation to constantly improve the private, online tutoring service of GoStudent. For example, the ed-tech company is taking tutoring out of the black box by using AI to discover what makes the ideal learning environment. Also, GoStudent continually seeks to improve the learning experience of students and offers for instance math tutoring with the online game Minecraft or English tutoring using the game Fortnite.

Felix is a visionary leader who inspires his team with large foresight, unlimited creativity, and a good portion of humor. Today, GoStudent is the best-funded and fastest-growing education start-up in Europe, active in 18 countries and employing +500 talents at its 11 international offices. Over 350,000 tutoring units are booked each month. Currently, the company has around 13,000 customers and 5,000 tutors.
GoStudent is on its way to becoming a global player by expanding beyond the European borders to Mexico, Canada, and Poland in summer 2021. The markets will serve as test markets for expanding to neighboring regions and are a fundamental milestone for the young company to strengthen the global effect of the education revolution "made in Austria".

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