David Heiber

Chief Executive Officer

Concentric Educational Solutions

David L. Heiber, Chief Executive Officer and FounderDavid L. Heiber is Chief Executive Officer of Concentric Educational Solutions Inc., a Baltimore based organization that supports schools with implementation of Student Support Services. With an emphasis on Home Visits, Mentoring, and Tutoring, Concentric has become a leader in services to students in real time. Since 2010, David has led Concentric to being recognized as an innovator with placing students at the center of the educational experience. Using Concentricity as his theory of change, David has led Concentric to expand its reach to over 200 schools in over 20 states. David’s passion is working with young people in general, but specifically with African American and Latin students. David uses his personal story of grief, poverty, incarceration, and redemption as a means to connect with students and challenge them to recognize their potential, honor their promise, and fulfill their purpose. He is currently working on his memoir, From Prisoner to Principal: Only God Can Judge Me and has been sharing his story in schools and universities throughout the United States.