Monday, April 15, 2024

3:00 pm
3:15 pm
Yass Center Stage in Town Square
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Equality + Access

A Conversation with David Heiber - One Door at a Time: Insights from the School of Hard Knocks

Dr. David L. Heiber, CEO of Concentric Educational Solutions has a lot on his mind and an impressive story to tell.   The once all-star high school track athlete has been through a journey very few can imagine let alone talk about from his seat.  His story today, though, is about where we are and what we should all think about if we care about making schools and the business of schooling work for everyone.  We all grow up with world views shaped by our experiences.  David brings his unique insights about how schools should work for children, especially African-American children, but quite frankly for all children.  He also reflects on his journey as an African-American entrepreneur in EdTech, his hurdles, his accomplishments, and how we can all think about how to walk the talk and make this world a better place.  His insights on why the real issue isn’t chronic absenteeism and what adults can do to make school a central part of the communities in which they serve are insightful and very much beyond the status quo.