Brett Roer

High School Strategic Partnerships Lead


Brett Roer serves as’s High School Strategic Partnerships Lead after 16 years empowering high school students in Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx.  

Throughout his career, Brett’s mission has been to equip high school students with the foundational academic skills needed to graduate from their best-fit colleges and feel both academically and financially supported along the way.

In his most recent experience as a principal in The Bronx, Brett accelerated the graduation rate from one of the lowest in New York City to the second highest in the district in two years while dramatically increasing the college and career readiness rate.

Brett has inspired students and families as a high school principal, college and career advisor, and teacher, always fiercely passionate in providing students access to high-quality education. Brett is a dedicated educational leader, ensuring students can afford a college education, including full scholarships to their dream colleges and universities.

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