Brett Roer

Ohio Regional Director


Brett Roer, the Ohio Regional Director for The AI Education Project (aiEDU), advocates passionately for the equitable and safe integration of AI in schools to transform education. aiEDU, in partnership with Ohio Educational Service Centers (OESCA), is focused on the creation of a network of AI educators across the state to equip students for an AI-driven future and elevate Ohio to the forefront of K-12 AI education nationally. Following 16 years in New York City Public Schools as a school leader, college advisor, and teacher across Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx, Brett has spearheaded initiatives and fostered national partnerships for innovative ed-tech and non-profit educational organizations. Brett recently co-founded Empowering Districts through Learning, Innovation, & Technology (EDLIT), whose mission is to empower educational leaders to shape the future of education by fostering collaboration with Ed-Tech leaders. EDLIT funds scholarships for typically underrepresented student populations in colleges to further promote diversity and inclusivity in higher education. Brett’s expertise in AI, college and career pathways, educational leadership coaching, and equitable innovation has led to his participation as a panelist and moderator at the ASU+GSV Summit, EDTECH WEEK NYC, on digital panels for Digital Promise, NationSwell, and, as well as educational and Ed-Tech focused podcasts.