Mash Up: Bringing College to High School

Felix Ruano (Emile Learning), Julie Young (ASU Prep & ASU Prep Digital), Alexander Perry (College in High School Alliance), Brett Roer (Outlier), and Doug Lederman (Inside Higher Ed) explore Mash Up: Bringing College to High School at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.The name of the game is breaking down barriers, and this panel is sure to deliver a range of new options ensuring better access, equity, and affordability for students. What are the hottest developments since the pandemic in this already-established but now burgeoning field? Emile Learning’s supplementary courses meld cutting edge educational technology to increase access and equity. College in High School Alliance fosters partnerships and creates coalitions that are truly empowering to schools and students themselves. Outlier’s creation of highly immersive courses online also reduce debt. And ASU’s own Prep Digital is bringing college prep to students on a global scale. The pandemic has only increased the opportunities for investment in these high school and college partnerships.

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