Anil Nagar

Founder & CEO


Anil Nagar is the founder & CEO of Adda247 which is India’s largest vernacular learning platform. Coming from a rural background, Anil understands the challenges and limitations in accessing quality education, particularly in remote areas. This personal connection and understanding have undoubtedly fueled his mission to democratize education in India. Specializing in K-12, government jobs, and competitive exams, Adda247's focus on multilingual education is a game-changer, breaking down language barriers and making education more accessible and inclusive. This strategy aligns perfectly with the diverse linguistic landscape of India, where the ability to learn in one's native language can significantly improve understanding and retention. Under Anil's leadership, Adda247 has achieved remarkable milestones, including prestigious awards like the "Edtech Startup of the Year 2023" by Entrepreneur Magazine and "Test Prep Company of the Year 2022" by Business World Magazine. These accolades are a testament to the company's innovative approach and dedication to enhancing the education landscape in India.