Anil Nagar

Founder & CEO


Coming from a small village in Uttar Pradesh (India), Anil Nagar has seen the hardships which people face in smaller towns and villages in India. The young generation in India is full of aspirations and big dreams. The only thing they are lacking is - proper guidance and access to high quality education. Anil believes that education is the biggest tool which can bring revolution and change lives.Anil did his B.Tech from IIT BHU and worked in corporate sector for a few years, before he started his entrepreneurial journey in education sector following his passion for education and empowerment of youth in India.Through Adda247, Anil is on a mission to take quality education to masses. Adda247's focus is to deliver high quality education through online mode in multiple Indian languages and make it highly affordable sothat people can actually use it as a tool to move up in their life.Anil firmly believes that India's educational problems can be solved and, once solved, it will have a massive impact on coming generations. India is going to emerge as the next tech power house of the world and eventually the largest economy of the world in coming decades.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

3:20 pm
4:00 pm

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