Empowering Indians: Unlocking Potential through Upskilling

Adda 247 Founder & CEO Anil Nagar, Masters' Union Founder Pratham Mittal, Sunstone Eduversity Co-Founder & CEO Ashish Munjal, and Lightrock Principal Divya Venkat discuss unlocking potential through upskilling at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

India has an unemployment rate of ~8%, about double the rate in the US. Although the country graduates ~1M engineers ever year, studies suggest that a majority of them don’t have the necessary skills to actually work as an engineer. Over the coming decades, the Indian economy will require over 100M skilled workers in fields including technology, healthcare and sales. How will startups help bridge the skill gap? In this panel, leaders in the Indian skilling ecosystem will talk about how they are addressing the challenge.