Andrew Calkins



As one of two Co-Directors of Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC), Andrew Calkins helps to lead a national effort to fundamentally reimagine and transform K-12 public education in the U.S. NGLC seeks to dramatically lift and transform student outcomes by helping to spur the development of next gen learning: equitable, student-centered, personalized, competency-based, experiential, and tech-enabled, organized around richer, deeper definitions of student success. Since 2010, NGLC’s non-profit grantmaking has invested $100 million in innovations and whole-school models designed by educators incorporating those principles. NGLC’s Bravely transformation initiative integrates everything that Calkins and his colleagues have learned over the past decade. Calkins brings four decades of experience in education reform in leadership positions at Scholastic Inc., Recruiting New Teachers, Mass Insight, and the Stupski Foundation. He was the lead author of the influential Mass Insight report, The Turnaround Challenge, which helped to launch the nation’s efforts to turn around under-performing schools. Calkins writes frequently for NGLC and has spoken at numerous education conferences. He earned his B.A. from Harvard and was a Henry Fellow at Pembroke College in the UK. Calkins served for six years as an elected member of the Hamilton-Wenham (MA) Regional School Committee and for five years as board chair of the Waring School. He lives in Gloucester, MA where he and his wife Pe