Alan Safran

CEO and co-founder

Saga Education

Alan Safran is Co-Founder and CEO of Saga, an ed-tech nonprofit founded in 2014 to accelerate educational equity by supporting low income Black and Latinx students through high-impact tutoring embedded in the regular school day. Saga supports states and districts with technical assistance and quality assurance to implement high-impact tutoring, and provides technological tools. In 2020, Saga was named one of the 5 most innovative educational companies in the world by Fast Company. With 8 randomized trials, Saga is recognized as the leader of the field of in-school-day tutoring. Mr. Safran has 30 years of leadership in public education, including 9 at the MA Department of Education where he served a term as Deputy Commissioner, and 12 years at Match Education in Boston, a charter school. During his time at Match (2004), he helped create the Match Corps, the first high dosage tutoring ever in a public school. He has a BA (Princeton) and a JD (George Washington).