The Future of Learning: The Broward County Public Schools Equity Co-Lab: How technology is accelerating innovation and raising expectations of  equity in education and assessment

Introduction and General Overview:

Michael Nettles, ETS

Dan Gohl, Broward County Public Schools

Building the Internet of Education through Comprehensive Learner Records, Digital Wallets, Verifiable Credentialing and Portability

Chris Purifoy, Learning Economy

Greg Nadeau, Public Consulting Group

Lillian Lowery, ETS

Addressing Algebra: The Algebra Project, Learning Progressions, and Assessments

Greg Budzban, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Carlos Guillermo Elizondo, Territorium

Aurora Graf, ETS

Peter Tymms Durham University

Maisha Moses Young People’s Project

Bill Crombie, Algebra Project

Providing Personalized Tutoring Support to Students

Alan Safran, Saga Education

Joshua Marks, Public Consulting Group

Innovations in Formative Assessment and Teacher Assessment Preparation

Vince Dean, ETS

E. Wyatt Gordon, ETS

Carlos Guillermo Elizondo, Territorium

Andrew Feller, Public Consulting Group

Credentialing: Trust Over IP Foundation

Drummond Reed, Evernym

Stuart Vaeth, Mastercard

Vladimir Zubenko, ETS

Closing Remarks

Bob Moses, Algebra Project

Dan Gohl, Broward County Public Schools

Joan Wynne, FlAME