Adrian Ridner

CEO and Co-Founder

Adrián Ridner is the co-founder and CEO of, a leading online education platform helping over 30 million learners and educators a month find both instruction and self-belief. A Latino edtech founder and first-generation college graduate, Adrián personally understands the many challenges that immigrants and first-generation students face in the U.S. education system and around the world. He has spent the past two decades in education start-ups and non-profits, opening the door to the life-changing impact of education for all learners. Both a software engineer and technology leader, Adrián is passionate about the role of technology in drastically reducing the cost of learning while dramatically increasing its quality and personalization. Adrián has launched several social impact initiatives to help those who need it the most. These programs have saved students $280M in college tuition and donated $27 million across social impact programs.