Learning Platforms

Study.com CEO & Co-Founder Adrian Ridner, Stride CEO James Rhyu, Articulate CEO Lucy Suros, Docebo Inc. President & Chief Operating Officer Alessio Artuffo, 2U Co-Founder & CEO, Christopher (Chip) Paucek, and William Blair, Partner/Equity Research Analyst Stephen Sheldon discuss Learning Platforms at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Building comprehensive learning platforms creates defensibility and scalability. For learners, it can also expand access, lower cost, and drive stronger outcomes (what some might call RoE, or Return on Education). Hear from some of the leading platforms across the K-12 through corporate learning spectrum, and learn how they are providing digital, more-personalized pathways in their end markets. The 2023 Star Track is presented in partnership with William Blair.