Wellness is Critical to Bending the Arc of Human Potential

This esteemed panel will discuss the importance of bringing mental and physical fitness front and center -- why is it relevant to realizing human potential? What do physical and mental wellness have to do with career success? They will discuss why is it so important to start early and why a “PreK to Gray” conversation is critical. Also what is the right terminology for measurement?  Happiness? Well-being? What offerings are being curated to establish healthier environments for students and adults. What are the components of a healthy environment today?

Moderator: Wayee Chu, General Partner, Reach Capital

Panelists/Participants: Tal Ben-Shahar, Former Harvard Professor, Best Selling Author, and Happiness Expert; Eric Neuner, CEO Empowered Education, LLC/Health Coach Institute; Boaz Gaon, CEO, WisdoKC Estenson, CEO, Go Noodle