The University of the Future: Making Higher Education Work for All

University of Colorado Denver Chancellor Michelle Marks, National Louis University President Nivine Megahed, Southern New Hampshire University University Provost Lisa Marsh Ryerson, San Jose State University Past President & Professor of English Mary Papazian, Tecnológico de Monterrey Rector for Higher Education Juan Pablo Murra Lascurain, and The University Innovation Alliance Chief Executive Officer Bridget Burns discuss making higher education work for all at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

This conversation will focus on leveraging technology to create more equitable and accessible higher education opportunities for all, featuring experts in education technology and innovation and university leaders. This discussion will explore topics such as online learning, Chat GPT, the future of the degree in a degree-optional world, XR, and other technological advancements and how they can be used to create more inclusive and effective higher education systems.