StarTrek A New Operating System for Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing a wave of technical transformation that education is not keeping pace with; thus, corporations like Amazon are forced to fill in the spaces where there is a void in talent in the ever evolving job market. Amazon is leveraging AI to reskill displaced employees and prepare current talent for the next technical revolution before it happens. In addition, the education technology industry is coming of age and transforming the ways individuals learn anytime and anywhere. With the proliferation of new learning technologies comes unprecedented amounts of data, and with this data, an opportunity to revolutionize learning for all. Join Ramona Pierson, Director of Product Management for Transactional Risk Management Systems Policy Abuse at Amazon, to learn about the potential for AI and Machine Learning (ML) to make the data we collect meaningful and personalized to the learner. Ramona will share examples and discuss Amazon AI and ML services that can support EdTechs and drive talent development. Mark Luetzelschwab, Global Education Solutions Lead, Amazon