Stage X Opening Keynote with Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy, Founder, Curriki and Co-Founder and Former CEO, Sun Microsystems Open & Free: Building Platforms and Partnerships to empower the Glass GenerationIt is now 2020, and many of the conversations that we have been having for the past two decades about technology and education, specifically around digital content, are still very much the same. We have not yet hit a tipping point where eLearning is at critical mass, which is extremely troubling since our children are spending half of their waking hours on digital devices. Join Scott McNealy, Co-Founder and former CEO of Sun Microsystems, and co-founder of Curriki, a champion of Open Source technology and content, for a talk on how to accelerate this tipping point, and truly bring 21st-century skills and engagement to eLearning for all learners.