Solving for Why: The Transformation Underway in Math Classrooms | ASU+GSV Summit 2024

Sarah Johnson (CEO, Teaching Lab), Lacey Robinson (President & CEO, UnboundEd), Danika Rux (Deputy Chancellor of School Leadership, New York City Public Schools), Leyla Bravo (Senior Director, Partnerships and Communications, English Learners Success Forum), and Bob Hughes (Director, K-12 Education, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) at the ASU+GSV Summit.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has publicly decided to focus its energy and resources over the next decade on ensuring that Mathematics becomes a gateway rather than a barrier to success for all students. Promising innovations are emerging to make math learning more accessible, engaging, and empowering for all. This panel will explore the forefront of this transformation, highlighting innovative and inclusive approaches to math education that promise to make learning more accessible, engaging, and empowering.

Join moderator, Bob Hughes, Director of K12 Education at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for an insightful discussion with leading experts in the field. This panel will not only delve into the challenges of current math education practices but also offer attendees a glimpse into the future of math learning.