Roadtripping to the Peak: Developing Colorado's Future-Ready Workforce

Every region is unique: different industries, paths, and people. But there’s one thing that’s true everywhere: Defining your own road in life starts just outside your door, no matter where you live! In this session, you’ll hear firsthand from forward-thinking leaders piloting policy initiatives aimed at developing Colorado’s future workforce, as well as the young career-seekers who are directly impacted by these efforts. Colorado is a state that values creating opportunity from the top to the bottom. In this lively discussion, you’ll hear straight from Joe Barela, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, as he highlights how the state is engaging and retaining young Coloradans to take the state to new heights. Hear how the government is hard at work to ensure Colorado remains one of the nation's premiere places to build a promising future, and gain insight and inspiration into how you can drive transformative change in your own community. Next, you'll meet some of the young people ensuring that future becomes a reality. Last year, Roadtrip Nation hit the road to showcase local opportunities in Colorado, and to help the next generation of young Coloradans connect to career pathways right in their own backyard. You’ll hear from three such young people who embarked on a journey across Colorado to discover where they fit in their home state and get a glimpse at their travels through an exclusive preview of the new series “Roadtrip Nation: Peak Possible.” This intimate series shines a light on all the new possibilities and paths in Colorado’s growing industries—made possible with support from the Daniels Fund and Wend Collective.