Reimagining K-12 With Equity at the Forefront

The start of a school year that feels anything but normal - with the ongoing pandemic limiting social contact and forcing changes to teaching and learning systems, national social unrest in reaction to continued racial injustice, and an economic downturn affecting families’ daily lives - can seem more like the challenge of a lifetime versus the opportunity. And yet, educators across the country see this difficult year as a moment to bring about necessary change that can redefine our expectations of how school works, and center the goal of equitable outcomes.

With so much in flux, now is the time to change how education is done in fundamental ways. Join system leaders from across the K-12 ecosystem who are taking advantage of this moment to reimagine K-12 systems in ways that put equity at the forefront.

Moderator: John Garcia


D'Andre Weaver

Caroline Hill

Aaron Walker

Layla Avila