Out of IndiaExporting Education to the World

Pramath Raj Sinha (Founder & Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Founder & Chairman, Ashoka University; Harappa Education), Pranjal Kumar (CFO & Head Corporate Development, Emeritus), Ravi Bhushan (Founder and CEO, BrightCHAMPS), Mohan Lakhamraju (Founder and CEO, Great Learning), Charag Krishnan (Partner, McKinsey & Company), and Vivek Sunder (Chief Executive Officer, Cue Learn Private Limited) discuss exporting education at the GSV+Emeritus India Summit.Indian EdTech made its name selling courses to domestic customers, but will the next chapter be selling internationally? Startups operating across PreK to Gray are now exporting education from India to the World. In this panel, they discuss their strategies for why and how they are building global companies.