More than Skills: How to Put Purpose Back Into Work and Learning

Aspire Ability Founder & CEO Jon Mott, HORN-ED LLC Author Michael Horn, Cara Collective President & CEO Kathleen St. Louis Caliento, Schultz Family Foundation Managing Director of Special Initiatives Marie Groark, and Charles Koch Foundation Executive Director Ryan Stowers discuss how to put purpose back into work and learning at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit.

Innovations in the education-to-work ecosystem are expanding options for learners and workers to upskill and attain new job and advancement opportunities. However, what resources exist to ensure those jobs are aligned with the individual’s unique aptitudes and gifts and will lead to long-term career growth? Most Americans seek more out of work than a salary – they seek purpose. Join a discussion about how putting passion back at the center of work and learning can help more individuals unlock their potential and find fulfillment in work.