Individualized Pathways for a New Era of Learning

Josh Jarrett (SkillUp Coalition| Wiley), Mimi Rosado (Naval Information Warfare Center, Pacific), Brandon Busteed (Kaplan, Inc.), Ryan Craig(Achieve Partner), Ryan Stowers (Charles Koch Foundation) explore Individualized Pathways for a New Era of Learning at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit.Technology and innovation are creating increasingly attractive alternative routes to education and employment, and consumers who have not been well served by the current systems, are learning how to take advantage of these more learner-centered experiences tailored to their distinct needs and aspirations. The most common obstacles to pursuing education are cost, time, and self-doubt, but with new more flexible models, we can overcome these inequities and meet the needs of millions of additional learners. Those organizations that can deliver truly personalized experiences that lead to in-demand jobs have a unique chance to deepen engagement with learners across their lifespan. Join a panel of innovators who are embracing new solutions and disrupting the way we think about equipping individuals with the skills to succeed in a new era of work and learning.