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GSV Cup Pitches and Awards

Lana Israel (Muzology), Ayush Agarwal (Pencil Learning Technologies), Joshua Shapiro (Edgi Learning), Rachel Fisher (Hello PLATO), Tom Sayer (Ello), Ahva Sadeghi (Symba), James Ruben (Hellosaurus), Christine McDonnell (Codelicious), Mohannad ArbaJI (ChalkTalk), Jan Krutzinna (ChatClass), James Kim (Reach Capital), Taylor McLemore (Techstars), Ashley Bittner (Firework Ventures), Cecilia Qvist (LEGO Ventures), Michael Cohn (GSV Ventures), Deborah Quazzo (GSV Ventures | ASU+GSV Summit) at the GSV Cup Pitch Competition at the 2021 ASU+GSV Summit. The GSV Cup, powered by Google Cloud, Hubspot for Startups, and Holon IQ, is a global pitch competition for pre-seed and seed stage EdTech startups for $1M in prizes. 700+ startups across Pre-K to Gray have been judged by 150+ venture capitalists across the globe.

ASU+GSV 2021