Gen Z Career Readiness Utopia: Blending Education and the World of Work

Seventy percent of Americans don’t complete a 4-year college degree, and yet a disproportionate focus of the K-12 public education system in the United States is oriented towards a false expectation of “college for all.” This must change. Imagine an agile education system where schools continually respond to the changing world by preparing students with opportunities for career exploration, in-demand skills, and personalized pathways to their vision of success. Sound too utopian? The good news is that some students get that experience today, but it isn’t happening at scale—save for a handful of states that are blurring the lines between education and the world of work. Join this session to dive into the perspectives and lessons from leaders reimagining and modernizing agile and career-connected high school experiences for learners across the country. This panel will discuss what kinds of systems, structures, and learning experiences would best support young people who don’t go on to complete a 4-year degree.